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Eleven Kings is a free football manager game. Take control of the club, set tactics, transfer players, join tournaments and become the legend! Prove your skills as a football manager, let the world know you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eleven Kings Game is Free and you can play all features free.

There are many ways to increase your coin balance: 1) Every time you win a game or win a tournament, you get coins. 2) There's a gift box on the Homepage where you can get 25 EK coins every 24 hours. 3) We share promo codes regularly on our social media pages or send notifications to the Eleven Kings app. You can use those promo codes to increase your coin balance. 4) You can watch video ads to get Free coins on the Shop section. 5) You can purchase EK coins.

You can transfer better players from the Transfer section, also you can buy Special Players (that abilities are higher than 80 and ages are between 16-20). Use Daily Training or Training Camp to improve your players' ability. Daily Training has no limit, you can use it as many times as you want, but Training Camp has a limit: 2 times in every season.

The managers' performance ranked on the Global and Local form on the Ranking page. Both types of ranking evaluate performance according to manager points. You can earn the manager points by winning the matches, scoring a goal, transferring players, training players, and being a champion in championships. Local Ranking is divided into sections like 'All Time Ranking' and 'Last 30 days'. All-Time Ranking shows the cumulated manager points from the beginning of the game, but the Last 30 days Ranking shows the last month's (last 30 days) results. Global Ranking is divided into sections like 'Daily Ranking', 'All-Time Ranking' and 'Last 30 days'. Daily Ranking shows manager points accumulated in the last 24 hours. It reset at 00:00 GMT every day. All-Time Ranking and Last 30 days Rankings are the same as in Local Rankings.

Eleven Kings offers you to sell your players as well as to buy new, rising stars. There're 3 tabs on the 'Transfer' Page: 1. BUY - on this page you can find the players available for transfer. Be careful when choosing a player. Check their age and ability. Try to buy young players. Because they have big potential to increase their ability. Also, young players lose lower energy while playing the games and increase more ability points while training. 2. SELL - on this page you can sell your players. There're limits on every position. Minimum 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards have to be in your squad. 3. HISTORY - on this page you can find the transfer history you made.

Training Camp gives you the opportunity to improve your players, increase their ability. You can take your squad to the Training Camp only twice a season. So be careful, create a strategy when to take the players to the Training Camp.